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LIGER – A first-of-its-kind pioneer in the global
gambling space

About Us

An unprecedented Marvel that brings two giants together. The tamper proof Blockchain technology and the ever flourishing Casino Industry. We aim to be the preferred mod of payment for offline and online casinos, online fantasy sports, and sports betting using the futuristic Blockchain technology.


Our unique staking mechanism encourages the initial participants to hold on to their tokens for the long run. On top of it, our burning mechanism carves the path to amplified demand at the exchanges.


Place real-time Bets
with dealers instantly,
on live Sports


Play ‘FOR’ the Casino,
rather than against it,
all thanks to LIGER’s revolutionary
staking mechanism

Liger coin1

The most accepted Currency At
offline casinos all around the world


Liger Ecosystem

Liger Tokenomics

Liger Co-Founder Speaks













1 LIC = 0.025 €



ERC 20



18th April-16th June

40% Bonus



Start From 17th June

Upto 25% Bonus



ICO Week – 01

25% Bonus*

ICO Week – 02

15% Bonus*

ICO Week – 03

10% Bonus*




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Using various technological advancements to build differentiated products and services
is the core principle of all successful ventures, right from Alibaba to Microsoft, to Apple.
Evidently, creating compatibility and hence customer loyalty through a supportive
ecosystem is the key.

LIGER’s staking mechanism

Our Unique Staking Mechanism allows our token holders to Stake their
tokens with Liger Owned Casinos, which will then use the tokens to place
bets on the token holder’s behalf.

This unique mechanism encourages our users to hold tokens for the long
term, adding stability and giving the users a phenomenal privilege of
playing from the Casino’s side and appraise the value of their tokens-
as opposed to letting the tokens sit idle in their wallets.

The staking returns are computed based on the Casino’s profitability for
the quarter and distributed back to the users who staked their tokens
with us. Our users can stake their tokens, reap their rewards and check
the number of tokens staked for a period as ‘Stake Funds’ in their
wallets, right from their handheld devices.

LIGER’s burning mechanism

The unique burning mechanism LIGER uses, leads to amplified demands at the
exchanges. E mploying the Ethereum Blockchain technology to enhance its ecosystem,
LIGER makes its transactions instant and secure.

Owing to the inherent peer-to-peer mechanism of Blockchain technology, we stay true to our promise of decentralizing the entire gaming space using the ERC20 Token framework.

LIGER’s affiliation with the offline casinos

The Token holders can use the Liger tokens to play games at Liger-owned-casinos or stake their Tokens with the casinos.

With this initiative, Liger democratizes the entire gaming sphere, because of which the Token holder is now assured of the fairness of outcome as he or she is free to choose to play for or against the casino.

LIGER uses the Blockchain platform to compute the stakes, prepare the reserve, and
distribute pay- out for the stakeholders. This gives the entire process the transparency it
needs along with the speed that the Smart contracts offer.

LIGER and live betting

LIGER also provides the unique experience of being able to participate in real-time
Casino tables from the confines of one’s own space.

It brings offline gaming to the online world for its Token holder as they can bet on a live table right through their smartphone app which is integrated in the blockchain for the user not only for betting, but also to experience the thrill of being able to view the live deals and cards.







  • Francis Fitzpatrick
  • Pratyush Bhartiya
  • Christopher Moore
  • Dave Carlson
  • Piyush Tiwari
  • Ian Scarffe
  • Giorgi Topuria
  • Sanjay Sharma
  • Min Bo Shim
  • Sanket Agrawal
  • francis
  • Pratyush
  • Christopher-Moore
  • Dave
  • piyush
  • giorgi
  • Sanjay
  • Min bo
  • Sanket

The LIGER work life


As much as we work hard to simplify how our customers play hard at the trading, we know how to play hard too.

Home run


The era of cryptocurrency and the potential of Blockchain technology opened up a plethora of possibilities and opportunities in the gaming market, and we at LIGER intend to leave no stone unturned to grab the space and fructify profits to our customers.
Here is why LIGER way is the best way:

Rapid transactions at minute costs

Settlement with merchants through LIGER is immediate, and with no additional processing fee involved. Moreover, LIGER wallets will be integrated with the POS systems installed at offline casinos.

Amplifying safety to another level

Every single transaction of ours is encrypted and added to a distributed ledger, on a Blockchain network. This eliminates the possibility of any kind of tampering or manipulation, subsequently achieving crucial safety protocols.

Improved Credit Ratings

LIGER offers a certain type of anonymity for the usage of their tokens at the Casinos,unlike in the case of credit/debit cards. As a result, a gamer will be insulated from any kind of detrimental credit ratings by financial institutions.


While implementing the safe and tamper-proof Ethereum Blockchain, LIGER aims to achieve trader acceptance across online and offline Casinos, Live gaming, and Fantasy sports portals.


We use Smart contracts to execute pay-out results in transparent and conflict-free transactions.

Home run


We are tailor-suited for the demands of online gaming and fantasy sports. Without any intermediaries, we help connect the traders and users directly and bring in more business. Here’s why LIGER should be your prefered choice for payment.


Swift and safe

Speedy settlements between users and traders as opposed to conventional processes, makes turnaround time virtually non-existent. Over time, LIGER aims to integrate payment services 24x7x365 days.


Ease of reach

As a trader, you can share unique offers to LIGER users. In return, users can act as promoters of your online and offline offerings.


Captive Customer Base & Better Volume

Large number of Gamers in the LIGER Community, free of geographical restrictions, ensures repeated visits at the same merchant location. Reduced monitoring also leads to higher spends by users at the casinos.


About Liger

1. What is Liger Coin?

Liger is a Cryptocurrency which brings together two Giants: The thriving Gaming Community and the Emerging Blockchain Technology. Liger aspires to be the 'Cryptocurrency of Choice' for the Gaming Industry. Liger creates the Utility for its Tokens through creating an expansive Community of Gamers (Casinos / Fantasy Sports & Live Sports Betting) and Service Providers through the 'peer to peer' exchange feature of the Blockchain Technology. Liger disrupts the existing process by eliminating all intermediaries in the Gaming, Fantasy Sports and Live Sports betting Industry.

2. Where is Liger based?

Liger is based out of Malta. The Crypto Friendly Government and Casino legacy of Malta creates the perfect synergy with Liger.

3. What are Liger’s main goals?

  • To achieve 1% market share by value in 5 years from inception across the identified Industries (Online and Offline Casinos, Sports Betting and Fantasy Sports)
  • To drive LIGER as the currency of choice for the identified Industries. LIGER will use the Blockchain Technology to create adequate content and utility through the LIGER crypto currency.
  • To provide superior speed of transactions to both the User and Service Provider with an assurance of complete safety and transparency. To provide all the stakeholders a hassle free and real time settlements.

4. Are Liger tokens Utility Tokens or Security Tokens or currency? And How?

Liger tokens are Utility tokens as Token Holders can utilise Liger tokens only on Liger affiliated online casino portals, fantasy sports websites , live sports betting and the most unique Live betting at an actual casino through Liger Mobile App. Liger’s with its unique staking mechanism based on Howey’s Test enables token holders to stake their tokens with Liger thus making them a part of profit sharing. Hence Liger is neither a currency nor a security token.

5. What are the advantages of Liger for users?

  • Live participation in Offline Tables from the comfort of Home through Liger App.
  • No negative impact on Credit Ratings due to spends at Casinos or other Gaming POS.
  • Instant credit of Wins to the wallet in Liger Tokens.
  • Zero interference of Govt & Financial Institutions on spends.

6. What are the advantages of Liger for merchants?

  • Reduced cost of Customer acquisition through direct contact with a large Gaming Community.
  • Negligible transaction charges in comparison to Conventional Banking charges.
  • Incremental funds through the Staking mechanism.
  • Penetration and reach to Gamers from restricted Geography through the online integration.

7. What perks do I get as a Liger gamer?

Liger benefits for Gamers are manifold –

  • Gamers will get extra chips as a promotion for using Liger Tokens in the tied up and Liger’s own Offline Casinos, Online Casinos, Fantasy sports and Live Betting websites. Such bonuses will NOT be available to the fiat users.
  • Liger Tokens will be accepted across a large number of Merchants within the identified Industry. Hence, Liger Tokens will have a high utility.
  • Liger Token holders will be able to place bets at Live Casino tables from remote locations.

8. How will my Credit Ratings be unaffected by using Liger?

With Liger, the usage is completely anonymous and the Gaming Enthusiasts have no fear of Negative credit ratings based on the Bank's perception the Gaming and Wagering Industry.

About Tokens & Staking

1. What is Staking?

Staking is Liger’s Unique mechanism directed towards the participants who buy Tokens during the ICO phase for ‘Long Term Asset Creation’.
Such Users can stake their tokens to the Casino. Their tokens are used to bet on behalf of the Casino subsequently. A part of the Casino’s win is then distributed back to them in the ratio of their contribution to the overall pool of Staked Tokens.
This enables the non-gamer Community members to earn consistently and hold on to their tokens for a ‘long term’ where their tokens ‘work’ for them through the Staking mechanism.
Liger ensures a ‘fair play’ through implementing SMARTCONTRACTS to decide the overall allocation of Staking amount and for disbursement of the Casino’s winning through a fair, fast and transparent SMARTCONTRACT.

The formulas for deciding maximum stakes for a Qtr is as follows -

Below, please find the formulas for quarterly disbursement of the winning amount -

2.What is the advantage of Token Burning?

Token Burning is based upon the cardinal principles of ‘demand – supply management’. With aggressive acquisition and new casinos, the token demands are driven at the Casinos. A % of the Liger Casino winning is ‘burnt’ thus, removing them from circulation. This process is implemented through SMARTCONTRACTS thus requiring no human interference. An increased demand, coupled with reduced supplies of Tokens drive the prices up at the Exchanges.

3. What are the advantages of Liger for ICO participants with a goal of ‘Long term Asset creation’?

  • Opportunity to be on the Casino’s side through the Staking mechanism leading to long term opportunity of asset creation.
  • Asset backed Tokens with Liger’s own Casinos.
  • Unique mechanism of Token burning leading to increased demand at Exchanges.

4. Will Liger be accepted easily?

Liger will ensure a large base of Offline and Online Casinos, Fantasy Sports and Live betting websites accept it. Liger Token is a utility token. The efficient Acquisition Team will work on wide acceptance across merchants.

5. What happens if the Soft Cap is not achieved?

We have full confidence upon the Project. However, the Token Management SMARTCONTRACT will refund the contribution to all the relevant Wallet addresses in case of non-achievement of the Soft Cap.

6. When will Liger Tokens be issued?

The Tokens will be transferred to the wallets mentioned by the participants after the end of the ICO (1st August). Please note, that the participants will be able to see their allocation status through the Dashboard once they log in. The KYC approval process takes time and hence please be patient.

7. What % of the overall Tokens is allocated for the ICO for participants?

CO-Participants & Pvt Sales - 75%

8. Can investors from USA and China invest?

Only accredited investors from USA and China can apply for the purchase and the application will be subject to verification taking in consideration of due compliance.

9. Do you have a limit on the number of tokens that can be bought by one person?

The minimum purchase limit is determined at USD 100 and of course there is no maximum limit.

10. What exchanges will Liger be listed on? And When?

Liger is in talks with all credible exchanges available for trade. The due compliances and formalities are in process and we are confident of publishing the listed exchanges before August 2018.

11. Can you guarantee any price growth when the trading starts?

Liger has introduced a catalyst methodology called Burning where an "X" percentage of Liger Tokens will be burnt periodically subsequently maintaining the right demand vs supply ratio where the demand for Liger Tokens will always be more than the supply. There by promising a steady growth in price for investors.

12. Will your mining facility be open for business at the end of the token sale?

There's no mining involved at all in Ligercoin. The tokens are pre-mined on Ethereum platform.

13. Can a society invest in the Liger ICO?

Yes! Only if the society is a registered entity and has a clear mandate from regional jurisdictional compliances.

Product Development

1.Why does Liger need blockchain?

Liger aspires to create transparent ecosystem where the user can bet from both sides based on individual preference. You can either bet against the house for be a part of the casino’s earnings by staking tokens with Liger. Hence Liger is dependent on Blockchain Technology as this unique staking mechanism works best with the application of decentralized blockchain.

2. What is the current status of blockchain development?

The product is under architecture development phase at present , Ethereum , Hyperledger fabric , Eris blockchains are basis for our services. The final structure shall be freezed by Mid May 2018.


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